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The Floodplain Development Permit is the mechanism by which our County evaluates any and all impacts of activities proposed within our regulated floodplains. All activities shall follow the San Patricio County Flood Damage Prevention Order. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) provides flood insurance to individuals at much lower premiums than could otherwise be purchased through private insurers, and makes certain federal funds are available to communities. In order for citizens to be eligible for the NFIP rates, or for communities to receive certain kinds of federal funds, the community must agree to meet minimum floodplain standards. This application packet is a tool to ensure that the activities in our County comply with the Flood Damage Prevention Order.

Any party undertaking development within the unincorporated areas of San Patricio County must obtain a floodplain development permit prior to the work commencing. FEMA defines "development" in Title 44 of the Code of Federal Regulations part 59.1 as "Any man-made change to improved or unimproved real estate, including but not limited to buildings or other structures, mining, dredging, filing, grading, paving, excavation or drilling operations or storage of equipment or materials." Other human activities that are considered development include but are not limited to: alterations of a structure through additions, and remodeling, moving/placement of manufactured or mobile homes, storage of equipment, vehicles, or materials (storage yards, salvage yards).

General Provisions of the Floodplain Development Permit Terms

1. No work may start until a permit has been issued. Flood Plain Development Permit Application

2. The permit may be revoked at any time if:

1. Any false statements were made herein

2. The effective Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) has been revised

3. The work is not done in accordance with the Flood Damage Prevention Order, and State/Federal regulatory requirements

4. The work is different from what is described and submitted to the County as part of the Floodplain Development Permit Application;

 3. If revoked, all work must cease until permit is re-issued.

1. If the permit cannot be re-issued, applicant acknowledges that they will be responsible to correct the issue, which may require removal of any development that may have occurred.

 4. Development shall not be used or occupied until the project has received final inspection, a final elevation certificate and approval by the County in the form of a Certificate of Occupancy Letter.

 5. The permit will expire if no work has commenced within 6 months of issuance or by the expiration date noted on the permit.

6. Applicant is hereby informed that other permits may be required to fulfill local, state, and federal regulatory requirements and acknowledges that it is their responsibility to ensure that all necessary permits are obtained.

7. Applicant hereby gives consent to the local Floodplain Administrator and his/her representative (including state and federal agencies) to make reasonable inspections required to verify compliance.

8. Applicant acknowledges that the project will be designed to minimize any potential drainage onto surrounding properties and will be responsible for any drainage issues that may arise.

9. Applicant acknowledges that the flood insurance rate maps and other data used by the County in evaluating flood hazards to proposed developments are considered reasonable and accurate for regulatory purpose. Floodplain determinations are based solely on the property owner's indication ofthe proposed site. The County cannot guarantee the property will not flood. Ultimate responsibility of locating the home/structure outside of the floodplain rests with the property owner. The County recommends the property owner contact a surveyor prior to construction for precise determination.

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